High quality medical, dental, vision, prescription drug, and chiropractic programs.

AmeriPlan® recognizes that many Americans are either uninsured or underinsured with the escalating cost of health care, more and more people DO NOT have what we offer. We have become a leader in the health programs industry.

AmeriPlan® is a discount healthcare program. We offer affordable, high quality

medical, dental, vision, prescription drug, and chiropractic programs that save our

members tens of millions of dollars each year.

Experience immediate savings on medical, dental, vision, prescription, chiropractic, legal, identity theft protection, automotive services, and more!

Going to the doctor or dentist does not have to be difficult. When you join AmeriPlan, this is your experience:

- No paperwork or insurance companies to deal with

- Toll-free number locates independent and chain-participating network providers

- No waiting period before you can use the program

- No limits to the number of visits

- No deductibles

- No co-payments

- Programs start as low as $19.95/mo plus a one-time registration fee of $10

Your entire household is covered for one reasonable monthly fee. Individuals do not

have to be related.

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